Navard aluminum MGF.Group

Heat Treatment Products

Main Products

2. Heater Cores
3. Transmission Oil-Coolers
4. Air-Charge Cooler
5. Evaporators
6. Condensers
7. Industrials Heat Exchanges
8. Residential Air Conditioning Units
9. Kitchen Appliances, Various White Goods

Company Profile

Navard Aluminum MFG. Group was established in 1972. It covers an area of 220,000 Square meters and is located in 2nd Km of Arak-Tehran Road. The company has highly qualified human resources & manufacturing equipment. It is equipped with modern laboratory and metallurgical equipment. It has the capability of Hot-Rolling of aluminum in variety of alloys and thicknesses. The advantage of hot-rolling operation is optimized mechanical & metallurgical properties. The company’s product are plain , checkered, sinusoidal , trapezoidal & colored sheet & coil, strips, plates, Aluminum CLAD & aluminum composite panel.

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