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Quenching process
Tempering process
Water quenching
Soluble tank

Company Profile

Since our very beginning as  a heat treatment company, We have overcome numerous difficulties, the chaotic times of the Pre and the Post War and the Oil Crisis. 

From these challenges, we have reached to the current operation style, "the Few and Proud" which become our corporate principle. 
The environment which surrounds the latest machine metal industry has been Increasing its severity due to the strong demand for a small quantity various kinds, higher quality and technical innovation.

In order to respond to this, our heat treatment certified engineering technicians have been performing thorough process and quality control.

Also, we will continue our efforts to research advanced heat treatment technologies, keep the thoroughness of quality control and maintain the modernization of equipment. With your support, we will be successful in our never-ending quest to be a trusted corporate member of society.

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