Twinvac Industries Sdn Bhd

Heat Treatment Products

Main Products

Vacuum Hardening
Solution Treatment & Aging of Aluminium Alloys
Solution & Precipitation Treatment of PH Steel
Stress Relieving
Vacuum Baking of EN Plated Components
Vacuum Brazing
Cryogenic Treatment (Sub-Zero) T

Company Profile

TWINVAC Industries emerged from humble beginnings in 1989 in Singapore, with basic vacuum, protective gas and high temperature tempering furnaces. The company provides heat treatment services to manufacturing industries, mould and tool makers and expanded to Malaysia in 2005. 

In 2011, TWINVAC Industries Pte Ltd (Singapore) and TWINVAC Industries Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) were divided and now operate as separate entities.

TWINVAC Industries Sdn Bhd utilizes a range of air/oil quench vacuum furnaces, gas protected pit furnaces and a wide range of hardness testing equipment to ensure high quality standard. 
We constantly strive to upgrade our equipment and offerings have since expanded into areas of nitriding and carburising processes, and treatment of hard disc components.

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