Heat Treatment Products

Main Products

Design, manufacture and maintenance of various types of industrial furnaces and ancillary equipment
Various types of heat treatment and surface treatment

Company Profile

Heat treatment is an essential process to improve the durability of metallic components. We manufacture industrial furnaces and offer high quality commercial heat treatment services.

The metal parts of engine, transmission rotor and other moving machinery that are subjected to harsh environments require heat treatment to improve their durability. DOWA’s Heat Treatment business has been built to meet the high demand for parts treatment from automobile and machinery manufactures. The synergy between DOWA and these companies enable us to grow our businesses together.We undertake turnkey projects in supplying heat treatment furnaces. Our comprehensive services include the design, construction, installation and maintenance of the furnaces and the associated ancillary facilities. In addition, we own a considerable number of surface treatment facilities that enable us to provide various process on commission.

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