Heat Treatment Products

Main Products

Core Making,Melting,Molding,Heat Treating and Cleaning

Company Profile

AGMF is an international company manufacturing a diverse range of steel and iron products. Its principal operations are located in Saudi Arabia and Australia. Smaller operations are in UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Algeria, Jordon, Qatar and Syria.

The main product lines manufactured by the group are steel and alloy iron castings, cast alloy iron and forged steel grinding media, high chrome grinding media, and non ferrous casting. These are supplied to the global construction, railway, power generation, mining, cement, marine, engineering and agricultural markets.
On 30 May 2007, this organization was handed over to Bangladesh Army with the recommendation of Privatization Commission through Ministry of Defence.

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  • Address:2518 AD-DAHIAH, UNIT NO.1,  JEDDAH 22529-8798,  KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA.
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  • Tel : +966 (12) 641 1558 For Sales Department : +966 (53) 62 77 087 For Investment Opportunities : +966 (50) 2 381 391 For Vendor Registration/Marketing Purpose: +966 (55) 219 8406
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